Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demand/ Economics

Supply and demand

There are at least there are at least two people involved in the supply and demand process.There is the supplier who supplies the goods ,there is the consumer who purchases the products.The relationship between these two people are that the consumer could not purchase the products if the supplier hadn't made them and the supplier couldn't sell the products if the consumer would not buy them.
The consumer is most likely to buy the product if it is A: cheaper or B: won an award ETC. or C: Been endorsed by a celebrity ETC. That is when the producer will increase the price and increase the quantity of goods they are producing. Also the the market effects the quantity sold as well.
Above is a supply and demand graph explaining the supply and demand.
Where the supply and demand lines meet is called the equilibrium point.

Economics is the trade ,production and consumption and of goods and services. So economics is important because without we wouldn't be able to trade and recieve each others goods and services that we must have to live.

Thanks to brainpop for some of this information.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco. Friendly Houses

Here are a few good websites for some information on Eco friendly houses.

NZ Eco. House: This is a few aspects of Eco. homes.

Eco. Bob: This showcases some Eco. homes that are for sale but have pictures and aspect lists ETC.

Eco. Home: A story of some people building their own Eco. home.

Eco. Plan: A plan of an Eco. House
Eco. houses usually consist of solar power so power that is powered by the suns rays on a solar panel. You can also make Eco. friendly mud bricks which are made of mud and clay made into a brick shape then left to dry so you can from walls with it. The special thing about mud bricks is that you can carve your name and leave a special mark. You cannot always get Eco. Friendly things but it is best to go with the most Eco. friendly option so even if it is not entirely good for the environment you are still helping the environment.


I found this website about limestone and its uses ETC.

It explains about how limestone was found 37 million years ago and the value of limestone as well as where the best place is to mine for limestone and other related topics.

Here is the link.
Hope it helps with some information about limestone!!!

Is Uranium dangerous?

The M.P for the green party Keith Locke urged pacific countries to stop mining uranium as it is dangerous.

Here is his statement from the web page Radio NZ

But Keith Locke says uranium is very dangerous in any form.

“I think we should discourage Niue from allowing this form of exploration because we don’t want Pacific countries involved in uranium mining. And there’s a big controversy in Australia right now about the export of uranium to countries like China, where it might be used to make nuclear weapons.”

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jobs on the Matai Islands

Here is a list of some of the jobs I think we need on the Matai islands:

Police-To keep people safe and to sort out trouble

Lawyers-To defend people on the island

Farmers-To look after the animals on the island and to be responsible for the produce ETC.

Inspectors-To check the housing and make sure the houses are safe enough to be lived in.

Transport officers-To keep track of all the transport

Mayors-To make decisions for the island

Island organisers-To organise happenings on the island

Doctors ETC.-To keep track of health on the island

Gardeners-To look after the gardens and the grass ETC.

Builders and architects-To build and overlook building

Vets-To look after the animals

Bankers-To pay people and to keep track of all the money on the island