Monday, April 27, 2009

What,s happening to the environment?

Sustainability: The ability to maintain balance of a certain process (Wikipedia)
We used to use natural resources at a speed that allowed Mother Nature the time to reproduce what we had used, as time has gone bye and mans need for these natural resources has become more demanding we are now caught in a dilemma of our continued quest for so called advancement vs the negative effect we are causing on the environment and our entire planet. . Wouldn't it be nice too live in a world where resources were available forever so your children's children and their children's children still have the chance to experience all that is beautiful and natural in our planet. The birds singing, the smell of freshly cut grass, the wind between the trees all things that we take for granted. We need to start looking to the future and thinking about our use of Mother Natures gifts and how we can make use of our technology and knowledge to increase resource rather than reduce it. We have to start saving today to keep enough for tomorrow.
(Thanks to Wikipedia for some information)

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  1. Well done, LittleMIssRm18 :-)
    I like the way you expressed your own thoughts in relation to the subject and put in quotes from sources as well.