Friday, June 26, 2009

***Eco-footprint Diary This Weeks Update***

This week:

Rinsing glasses- Not rinsing my glasses is just what I do now I can't imagine living any different - Goal 1 - ACHIEVED

Buying more Eco-friendly stuff- I have been doing well I am trying to get into a habit of saying no to plastic bags.

Recycling more- I now recycle everything that is recyclable!!!

*Class Worm Farm*

Yay we have started our own class run school worm farm!

In our worm farm we are going to start collecting the schools compost and feeding it to the worms so we can make worm juice and make a profit for our school.
In our class we have started recycling paper to go into the worm far so we can have a healthy happy worm farm.


****UPDATE*****Eco-footprint Diary

So it is my second week of trying to reduce my carbon footprint and I think I did pretty good so here are my results:

Not rinsing glasses- Yay as far as I can remember I have not rinsed a single glass which is cool because soon it will just become 2nd nature not to rinse my glass.

Using more Eco-friendly bags ETC.: Over the last week I think my family has only used about 2-3 plastic bags!

Recycling more: I have improved my recycling habits and now check to see whether things are recyclable before getting them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE Eco. Footprint Diary

Earlier on my blog I put on a post about my Eco. footprint. Here is an update of how I am going.

1. I don't think I have been rinsing my glasses because I have been drinking out of plastic bottle that I am reusing!

2. I have convinced my parents that we need to start living sustainably and on their last grocery trip they only used Eco. bags and a cardboard box to carry the groceries in!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eco. Footprint Diary

Today i will start my eco. footprint diary here are my 2 goals that i am setting and trying to achieve it is going to be hard but here are my goals:

  • Not to rinse glasses before drinking from them when they have just been thouroughly washed.
  • Irritate my parents into buying eco friendly bags and packaging ETC.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson Sustainable Architect

On Wednesday Kris Wilson the owner of Design House LTD. came and talked to our class about sustainable housing.

He taught us that:
  • 50% of waste comes from architecture
  • Natural is not always the best product
  • Small is good
  • Timber used for building houses is grown in NZ
  • Concrete traps the suns heat and when the sun is gone puts out the heat
  • Look at a building and orientate it towards the sun and make the most of the free heat
  • Use local materials
  • Steel has a longer life than timber
  • Adapt to the environment not vice versa
  • 100 brochures leave the same carbon footprint as 1 CD
  • Pine is the most widely used for houses.
And heaps heaps more!
Kris's Website

Monday, June 1, 2009

Waikato University SIFE visit

On Tuesday some people from the SIFE project at Waikato uni. came and talked to us about sustainability and worm juice ETC.

They taught us about our earth and that if you cut an apple in to quarters (the a apple being the earth) 3 quarters are water the quarter of the quarter left is mountains and deserts ETC. and 1 32 is all we have left to grow corn and food on.

Here are some notes i took:

  • Our NZ recycling is recycled in China
  • It is better to buy bulk products and separate into reusable containers
  • 60% of our classroom rubbish could have been recycled
  • Worms hate citrus fruit and fruit skins
  • NZ has 1000 closed landfills and 60 closed landfills
  • Paper takes 2.5 months to disintegrate,Milk cartons take 5 years to disintegrate,tin can takes 10 years and a beer can takes 100 years.

- Theres no point having futre leaders if there is no futre to lead!