Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson Sustainable Architect

On Wednesday Kris Wilson the owner of Design House LTD. came and talked to our class about sustainable housing.

He taught us that:
  • 50% of waste comes from architecture
  • Natural is not always the best product
  • Small is good
  • Timber used for building houses is grown in NZ
  • Concrete traps the suns heat and when the sun is gone puts out the heat
  • Look at a building and orientate it towards the sun and make the most of the free heat
  • Use local materials
  • Steel has a longer life than timber
  • Adapt to the environment not vice versa
  • 100 brochures leave the same carbon footprint as 1 CD
  • Pine is the most widely used for houses.
And heaps heaps more!
Kris's Website

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  1. Great work LMR18! shows that you took thorough notes during the talks! well done:)