Monday, June 1, 2009

Waikato University SIFE visit

On Tuesday some people from the SIFE project at Waikato uni. came and talked to us about sustainability and worm juice ETC.

They taught us about our earth and that if you cut an apple in to quarters (the a apple being the earth) 3 quarters are water the quarter of the quarter left is mountains and deserts ETC. and 1 32 is all we have left to grow corn and food on.

Here are some notes i took:

  • Our NZ recycling is recycled in China
  • It is better to buy bulk products and separate into reusable containers
  • 60% of our classroom rubbish could have been recycled
  • Worms hate citrus fruit and fruit skins
  • NZ has 1000 closed landfills and 60 closed landfills
  • Paper takes 2.5 months to disintegrate,Milk cartons take 5 years to disintegrate,tin can takes 10 years and a beer can takes 100 years.

- Theres no point having futre leaders if there is no futre to lead!

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