Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jobs on the Matai Islands

Here is a list of some of the jobs I think we need on the Matai islands:

Police-To keep people safe and to sort out trouble

Lawyers-To defend people on the island

Farmers-To look after the animals on the island and to be responsible for the produce ETC.

Inspectors-To check the housing and make sure the houses are safe enough to be lived in.

Transport officers-To keep track of all the transport

Mayors-To make decisions for the island

Island organisers-To organise happenings on the island

Doctors ETC.-To keep track of health on the island

Gardeners-To look after the gardens and the grass ETC.

Builders and architects-To build and overlook building

Vets-To look after the animals

Bankers-To pay people and to keep track of all the money on the island

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